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Create & Devastate: A Hip Hop Lasers & Feelings Hack

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I’ve posted this on Twitter and on Tumblr, so why not here? While I’m plugging away at my own larger RPG project, the fine folks at Tempting Fate on Saving Throw Show inspired me to put together a hack of John Harper’s one page RPG Lasers & Feelings. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a game inspired by The Doubleclicks’ song of the same name, where your character is a member of a starship crew that leans more towards lasers (science, cold rationality, precise action) or feelings (intuition, diplomacy, passionate action). Since the system’s so simple it’s got a gang of hacks that people have made for different settings.

Season 4 of Tempting Fate had a number of them.

My hack is inspired by YA dystopian fiction (think The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, The City of Ember, etc.), Hip Hop culture, and maybe a wee bit by the Kieron Gillen/Jamie McKelvie jam Phonogram. It’s called Create & Devastate, and the gist is that the players are kids who’ve been granted extraordinary gifts that they use to protect their loved ones and bring light to a grim world:

I also put together a Youtube playlist of videos and music that informs the game:

I’m still sort of poking at the game, mostly with the scenario generator, but feel free to grab it and play it yourself! I’m also writing a piece of interactive fiction with the Ink narrative scripting language. I’ll update the pose with a link once it’s ready (or ready enough).

Update 1/29: That interactive fiction I was working on is live! Play This Only At Night is on for your reading/playing pleasure!

Check out the Liner Notes for it so far: #1, #2

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December 9, 2018 at 1:36 pm

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  1. […] I came up with the setting for my Lasers & Feelings hack, Create & Devastate, I was worried that people might not quite understand the setting. It’s one thing to simply […]

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